Audible Agreement

All disputes or claims relating to these conditions or your use of the Service are settled through a binding arbitration procedure and not in the courts, except that you can file claims in a minor claims court if your claims are justified. This agreement is governed by the Federal Arbitration and Federal Arbitration Act. In 2003, Audible agreed with Apple Inc. to be the exclusive audiobook provider for the iTunes Music Store. The agreement ended in 2017 following agreements in the European Union. [7] Potential buyers of media players can check the The Device Center [38] to verify that the device can read .aa files and read them on the desired audio fidelity. Audible players are available on Apple iPhones, iPods, Android and Windows Phone. This agreement and the documents mentioned in it constitute the entire agreement between you and us on the issues that are dealt with and replaces any prior or simultaneous communication, agreement or communication between you and us, either in writing or orally, with respect to the issues that are dealt with and can only be amended or amended in a written document that you and we have agreed to. You acknowledge that, in the performance of this Agreement, you do not rely on insurance, security, draft contract, obligation, commitment, security commitment or other insurance, or any other agreement of any kind that is not included. If a provision of this contract is found to be invalid, null or void for any reason, that provision is considered separable and does not affect the validity and applicability of another provision. If you don`t have the other party`s email address, please use the ACX messaging system to agree on the terms of your resolution.

Once you have reached an agreement, please email ACX to l` of your name, request and reason for the request. Changing the distribution rights for your audiobook depends on the payment option you choose. When the audiobook has been concluded as a pay-for-production deal, the distribution rights can be changed from exclusivity to exclusivity after being live for a year in store. If this audiobook is in an action license agreement, the agreement can never be changed. For more information, please refer to Section 12.a. of the Book Booking Contract This is an agreement between you and Audible, Inc. (with their related companies, “Audible,” “us” or “us”), regarding the digital audio audio audio service operated by Audible (the “service”).