Big Bang Roommate Agreement

Sheldon`s peculiarities were part of his charm, and they were visible every time the roommate agreement was withdrawn as a reference. While Sheldon had listed many wild scenarios in the agreement, the most basic rules were perhaps the most depressing for Leonard. Finally, the ground rules were about things that could actually happen. This agreement always comes up in the show, usually when someone asks Leonard why he allows Sheldon to dictate another element of his life, or when Sheldon informs him about why he has to impose himself – it`s in the agreement! Of course, this is considered a completely exaggerated thing, but there are some parts of this agreement that might want to include more roommates in their rules… Sheldon`s obsession with controlling takeovers is well known, but the clauses on trying for a new place to eat are bordering on madness. According to the agreement, “the choice of a new takeout restaurant requires a public hearing and a 60-day delay for comment.” This means that if a new place with an interesting appearance shows up, ordering dinner from them means two months of paperwork… which is just not worth it (not to mention the fact that coupons can expire, or even that the place can be stopped!). Having a regular seat is one thing, but ordering food should be a pleasure, which means space for a little spontaneity. Here are 10 rules of the Sheldon roommate agreement that everyone should follow: bring us a second, because that may seem like one of the least reasonable rules of the agreement, but it`s Sheldon that we`re talking about here.

According to Section 9 “If one of the roommates invents time travel, the first stop must be targeted exactly five seconds after the signing of this clause of the roommate contract.” Which seems like a ridiculous thing, but if someone is going to discover the time travel, he will probably be Sheldon, and if he does, he would hold 100% to the roommate agreement. If there`s nothing else, it`s a fun way to start a conversation about borders when you live together, and it`s never bad. When Leonard and Stephanie get serious, Sheldon talks about the “Cohabitation Rider,” part of the deal about a romantic partner moving in.