End User License Agreement Sample

Similarly, Ubisoft hands the risk over to the end user. It is their responsibility to choose the right product for their purposes, and they download the software at their own risk and use it: 7.5 Mentions. The licensee may send the client the necessary legal and other communications through the software, including special offers and prices or similar information, customer inquiries or any other request for feedback (“Communication”). The licensee sends messages via product communication or email to the registered email addresses of designated contacts or posts messages on the licensee`s website. The customer can inform the licensee that the customer does not receive such messages (which may affect the customer`s use of the software and the provision of support services). The licensee reserves the right to review, complete and amend this Agreement at any time and from time to time, and to impose new rules, rules, conditions or conditions (together “Additional Conditions”) on the customer`s use of the Software. These additional conditions become effective immediately and after the publication of the revised agreement on the licensee`s website, and the Client waives any right to receive a specific notification of any such revision. The customer`s use of the software implies acceptance of the agreement, including future changes. [The licensee releases the client and its senior executives, employees, representatives and representatives and keeps them unscathed and defends any legal action against them in respect of claims, claims or causes of third-party complaints, including reasonable legal fees, to the extent that they are based on the assertion that the software violates or violates us patents. , copyrights, trade secrets or other third-party property rights. The client may, at his own expense, assist in the defence if he wishes, provided that the licensee controls that defence and all negotiations relating to the settlement of such a claim. The client must inform the licensee in writing without delay of claims which, in the customer`s opinion, fall within the scope of this contract compensation provision. In the event that the software or part of it is considered a violation and its use is alleged, the licensee may, at its sole option and cost (i) modify the offensive software so that it is not harmed, (ii) the right of the client to continue using the offensive software, or (iii) replace that software with appropriate and non-injurious software.

Notwithstanding the above, the licensee is not required to make claims to the extent that these claims are due to (i) changes or changes to the software made by the client or another party that were not provided by the licensee or authorized in writing by the licensee; (ii) use outside the scope of the license provided by this sublicensing, (iii) the use of a replaced or previous version of the software if a violation would have been avoided by using a more recent version made available to the customer by the licensee, or (iv) the use of the software in combination with other software, hardware or products that are not provided by the licensee.