Learning Agreement Polito

Student Exchange Agreement: Organizes an international teaching program that allows students to take courses at a partner foreign university. These courses are recognized by the University of Origin on the basis of a learning agreement signed by both parties. Erasmus Inter-Institutional Agreements: Cooperation Agreement on Mobility under the Erasmus Programme. It determines the flow of mobility between the mobility of thought and faculty between partner universities for study or teaching/training purposes. Erasmus inter-institutional agreements can be signed with: Memorandum of Understanding: states the common commitment of the universities involved in promoting joint actions in the fields of education and research. It is a Memorandum of Understanding that requires the signing of other specific agreements in order to achieve common objectives and objectives. The modification of the electronic document in one of its previously approved parts will result in a disciplinary procedure (until the suspension of the award). For example, if the student intends to pass the “languages and translators” exam abroad and have his counterpart “Languages and Translators” validated at Polytechnique, the latter examination should not be included in the section of the Italian teaching load. There may be additional credits that will give you the right to complete with more credits than the base, although this practice is not recommended. Students travelling to EURECOM, like others, must fill out all LA pages. . In total, the sum of the credits of the sections “Charge of Italian Education” and “Learning Convention” must be equal to the sum needed for the conclusion, either 90 credits (for the traditional diploma) or 120 (for double degree). The doctoral thesis should not be included, as they intend to report only the examinations provided for by the new teaching charge.

When the student returns to Italy, two cases differ: students enrolled in English courses are required to include mainly English courses in the Italian part of the aforementioned correspondences. However, the student must ensure that these courses are actually taught at politecnico di Torino and not at a partner university (z.B. on the basis of dual contract contracts). Be especially careful, as it is often not clear to analyze the Polytechnician`s teaching offer superficially, whether the courses take place “in situ” or at a foreign university. However, as the partnership between politecnico and Eurecom is very close, the rules are somewhat different for them. In particular, Italian exams with Eurecom exams must be organised through the “workshop” tests, indicating the courses you wish to take at Eurecom. This page is intended to present the general rules for completing the LA.