Linkedin Enterprise Agreement

For the duration of the agreement, LinkedIn will retain economically appropriate insurance coverage, as required by law with respect to its implementation under the agreement. A copy of LinkedIn`s insurance certificate is currently available from—LinkedIn-Corp.pdf. Unless the parties are agreed in these Terms of Use or otherwise in writing, raw responses are not provided to clients for the identification of individual interviewees and personal data (as defined in Section 1 of the CCA) in relation to individual survey participants (“Identifiable Data”). The customer will not attempt to detect identifiable data. The customer must provide the customer`s users with reasonable information about the information required by applicable laws or regulations and, if required by applicable legislation or regulations, obtain appropriate consent or other appropriate legal basis from the client`s users for: (i) the collection, transfer and processing of customer data through services and (ii) the customer`s use of service providers or other third parties that order Glint to send or receive data. The customer indicates that he or she does not process sensitive service data. The customer may authorize access and use of the Services to its affiliates if the Customer is fully responsible for the use of the Services by its affiliates and compliance with the agreement (including a “customer”) with each affiliate. Glint uses Glint subprocessors listed on and whose list is updated from time to time. Glint is responsible and responsible to the customer for the actions and omissions of its subcontractors or other subcontractors in the provision of services. With respect to the performance of their obligations under this agreement, the parties comply with all applicable data protection requirements (as defined in Section 1 of the CCA) and all international obligations, federal, state, provincial and local laws that are not limited to (a) corrupt practices, corruption and acts that violate public administration, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, 15 U.S.C.b) discrimination against workers or candidates on the basis of race, skin colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status or disability; and (c) U.S. export control laws and regulations that restrict the use and access of controlled information, goods and technologies.

LinkedIn is registered in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security`s E-Verify program for the admission and employment of new employees. With respect to the provision of LinkedIn services under this agreement, LinkedIn will comply with the terms of its code of conduct, the current version of which is available under LinkedIn Talent Insights (“LTI”) provides customers with real-time access to aggregated linkedIn profile data. LinkedIn may, at its sole discretion, include or deny certain member profile data in the LTI service if LinkedIn believes that disclosing member profile data may affect the privacy of LinkedIn members or other customers.