Voix Passive Agreement

Most French phrases are made in the active voice (the active voice). They focus on the person or what is carrying out the act, that is, the object of the judgment. Who answered the letters? This sentence cannot be passive in French, because there is no direct object. The passive voice is used to show that the subject of the verb does not perform the action, but that the action is accomplished or that it is replicated. In French, unlike English, a verb can only be used in the passive voice if its subject can become a direct object of that verb, if it is used in the active voice. (An indirect object cannot be the subject of a passive verb.) Look at some examples: it`s easy to use the passive voice a little formal, but there are ways to get essentially the same results without them. In English, direct and indirect objects in an active sentence can be the subject of a passive sentence. The passive voice is formed with the conjugated verb “being the past party.” Participants in the past must accept the subject, not the agent, in sex and in numbers, just like the verbs of the compound past (read more about the agreement): The book is written by high school students. The book is written by high school students. The dishes are made by Henri. The courts are made by Henry. The children are fed by Luke. The children are fed by Luke.

Learn French > French Courses and exercises > French test #62200 > Other French exercises on the same theme: Passive voice > Similar Tests: – Passive voice or pass compos? – Agent Complement – Active voice and passive voice – From active form to passive form – Active voice and passive voice – Active voice, passive voices – active and passive phrases – Active voice and passive voice > Double-click on words you don`t understandThe passive/passiveVOIX ACTIVE / VOICE PASSIVEEvoix activeThe mouse cat cat. For this transformation to be possible, the verb must have a complete direct object. The agent supplement is usually introduced by the `par` prposition. the passive voice, the verbal group is form of “auxiliary” combined with the same time that the active verb followed by the pass of the active verb (this participant pass agrees with the subject). ACTIVE 😛 rsentThe catmangela mouse.imperfectThe catmangela mouse.futurThe chatmangerala mouse.pass composThe cats are mangles.souris.conditionalThe catsmangerentes mouse,more-than-perfect Catvous mangles mouse. VOICE PASSIVEs :p rsentThe mouse is eating by the cat.imperfectThe mouse was eating by the cat.futurSee eats by the cat.pass composThe tsparent mice the cats,conditional Mouseee eats by cats,more-than-perfect smiles by t eats by cats, ⚠️⚠️⚠️ exercise, write only one word per box (the verbal group `have been eaten` use 3 cases).⚠️⚠️⚠️ Each question indicates the verb and the time used.