Car Donation Agreement Sample

In a donation contract entered the most important details of the relationship of the parties: things like the identity of the parties, a description of the donation and, if you wish, things like the form of receipt that was given and the intended use for the donation. A good donation contract also deals with withdrawal (if the donation can be withdrawn) and cost liability. Mountains. Moscow of the Moscow region of the Russian Federation, two thousand – This Agreement is certified by me, -name of notary of the City`s Notaries District. Moscow, Moscow region, RF. The contract was signed by the parties in my presence. The identity of the parties has been established, their legal strength, as well as the belonging of the alienated car gr. Zinchenko, verified. The donation contract must be written in two copies, one for each party to the transaction. To create a document, no one forbids contacting a notary.

A notary transaction has several advantages. Almost all tax-related documents are based on the calendar date associated with this paper service for a variety of functions and qualifications. This is especially true for donation receipts, so you`ll find the first empty line and then type the “donation date” on it. It is necessary that the organization receiving this donation be clearly identified. Enter the legal name of this entity in the empty “Organization Name” area. The name of the organization is not enough to positively identify this entity for this entry. You must register the legal address in the following two lines. Note that the terms “Street Address” and “City, State, Zip” keep your entries in a recognizable format. Finally complete this identification process with the “EIN” of the recipient`s organization. Put this on the empty line with this label. If you don`t know the entity identity, just click on the link “IRS WEB Site” to search the Internal Revenue Service database.

Make sure a notepad is available to write the number or prepare to copy it and insert it directly into the template. It`s time to talk about the donor. This is the person or entity that assigns the vehicle and waits for that receipt in response. In the “Donor Information” section, enter the donor`s full name in the “Give by” line. Strengthen the identity of the donor by registering the legal address associated with the vehicle registration in the “Donor Address” line. This is usually the same address as the one on the driver`s license of the vehicle owner). If the intention is solid to give, the parties have no doubt (most of the time, if you enter between parent), you can independently fulfill a standard contract. The cost of such a donation is paltry. In addition to the registration fee for the traffic police (state tax, possible penalty for late registration), there are no other costs to bear.

The undertaking to transfer a car or property right free of charge to someone or to exempt someone from a property obligation (promise of a donation) is recognized as a donation contract and binds the promisor if the commitment is given in the correct form (Article 574, al. 2, of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) and contains a clearly expressed intention of engagement in the future. , the free transfer of an object or right to a particular person or exemption from property obligations.