Mac Uni Enterprise Agreement

To determine the “real reason” for our client`s termination, Hall Payne had to introduce a complex university redundancy and redeployment clause in the Macquarie University Enterprise Agreement. The clause created a fa├žade of adequacy and natural justice that was used to mask the illegal actions of Macquarie University. The worker claimed that she was dismissed because she had filed complaints of moral harassment against her superior and that the university had violated its enterprise agreement by failing to meet its redundancy and redeployment obligations. During the review of the case, Luke Forsyth, CEO of Hall Payne, immediately found two potential breaches of the enterprise agreement that previous companies had apparently missed. He found that, contrary to the advice of other companies, the employee appeared to have a case of dismissal in violation of the Fair Work Act 2009 of general protection for exercising an occupational law by complaining about the behaviour of her supervisor. We are looking for tutors for the units below. For more information about each unit (, see the MQ manual. Macquaries` Faculty of Medicine, Health and Humanities occupies a distinctive place on the world stage. With several internationally recognized centres that produce innovative research in fields such as linguistics, psychology, cognitive sciences and clinical medicine, our faculty is a place of passionate educators and unbridled discoveries. Supported by state-of-the-art institutions like australian Hearing Hub, we work together to study some of the big questions and answer what makes us human. Subsequently, the worker made several attempts to apply for various positions at the university during a redeployment period.

Not everyone succeeded. The university also refused to allow her to apply for positions for which she was qualified and qualified. It was a very difficult case to run. The worker was told that she had no chance of winning from two other leading labour law firms.